The Princeton Laptop Orchestra

Trueman has written for his own ensembles, Interface (which also includes Curtis Bahn and Tomie Hahn) and the Princeton Laptop Orchestra (also known as PLOrk, which he co-founded with Perry Cook), as.

Jeff Snyder, co-director of PLOrk (Princeton Laptop Orchestra), and Cenk Ergün, a graduate student in music composition, both in the Department of Music, composed the music for the performance and.

Rachel Metz credit Erica Larsen Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk) START Look! Up in the Sky! ping The Hottest Hacker on Earth Scoping Out the Enemy The Best: Sci-Fi Concept Albums Laptop Virtuosos.

Lansky and Trueman and has collaborated with new music groups such as Princeton Sound Kitchen and Princeton Laptop Orchestra. Its four members – Eric Cha-Beach, Josh Quillen, Adam Sliwinski and Jason.

Early live-coding performance and ChucK demo by Ge Wang and Perry Cook, Princeton University. Mark Trayle and Phil Stone). The Tokyo Laptop Orchestra (simply called Laptop Orchestra, and likely the.

Let me share just three examples with you. The first is the Princeton Laptop Orchestra, otherwise known as PLOrk, which combines computer science and music in a way that re-imagines the traditional.

On the 64th floor of 4 World Trade Center, at Spotify’s Manhattan offices, Nick Holmstén is holding court in the Orchestra of.

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Sideband, an offshoot of Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk) will perform works by graduate student ‘Sidebandits’ and Daniel Trueman, professor of music, at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 15, at the Arts.

You’ve now entered the world of Slork, one of various high-tech musical projects under way at CCRMA, Stanford’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics. The name – an acronym for Stanford.

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The use of computers in creating popular music has far exceeded novelty to become the norm. But the Princeton Laptop Orchestra takes things one step further by removing all tradtional instruments from.

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Computers are used not only to play music, as Wang and the Princeton Laptop Orchestra did on Wednesday night, but now they also can "listen" to it as well – breezing through complex tasks that would.

. catalog of compositions ranging from rock songs to a Mass movement to computer-generated music (as part of the Princeton Laptop Orchestra). "The environment [at Princeton] encourages you to focus.

The work will be performed with collaborators Lainie Fefferman, a 2015 music graduate alumna; Jascha Narveson, a 2009 music graduate alumnus; and Jeff Snyder, director of the Princeton Laptop.

In sound. DuBois, who teaches computer music at New York University and will direct the Princeton Laptop Orchestra next spring, has developed a technique he calls "time-lapse phonography." With the.

Princeton University’s Princeton Laptop Orchestra—a.k.a. PLOrk—recently debuted at New York’s famed Carnegie Hall. Eight students in the orchestra, an ensemble of blooping, beeping, and synthesizing.

The Concordia Laptop Orchestra, consisting of Department of Music. featured in "The Laptop Ensemble" program were Benoit and the Mandelbrots, The Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk), The Linux.

Wang co-founded the first one in 2005, at Princeton University, where he was a doctoral student in computer science. Stanford’s laptop orchestra was founded by Wang just last year. The music arises.

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In April, an ensemble called the Princeton Laptop Orchestra will hold its first concert – and solemnly perform a piece inspired by the social call-and-response patterns of swamp frogs. Fifteen student.