Sequence Rap Group Funk You Up

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Earlier this year, another group claimed that “Uptown Funk” infringed on their song. The Sequence argued that Mars and Ronson copied their 1979 song “Funk You Up.” The Sequence did not bring a lawsuit.

But coming up in the ’90s Chicago indie rock scene — memorably skewered in Liz Phair’s classic 1993 album Exile in Guyville.

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A third infringement suit by The Sequence, one of the world’s first female hip-hop groups who. of their 1979 classic “Funk You Up,” was brought in a Georgia federal court in December. On Monday,

Coyote Tango didn’t plan to make a concept record when they started working on the brooding post-punk songs that make up.

So, we were at a rehearsal, and he was like, ‘Will you play that?’ And so I started playing that and he got behind the drums,

“I managed to write this song, I called up the legendary rap group Cyprus Hill… the director loved it and put in the big chase sequence,” he smiled. and everyone there had a great time. You can’t.

All-female rap group Sequence also claimed that think that the song, from Ronson’s 2015 studio album Uptown Special, ripped off their 1979 single Funk You Up, but never pursued the musicians in court.

The band ended up receiving 17% of all publishing royalties and was given writing credits for the "Uptown Funk." Another group from that era named The Sequence, meanwhile, claims the developers behind.

“I got a seven-string guitar so I could play like you,” she said. Their then-radical sound incorporated goth, funk and hip.

Since breaking through its glass ceiling first as a member of The Sequence, Angie blossomed into a gifted penwoman with legendary rap group Mantronix. The two team up for “Gonna Have To Be You,”.

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And without further adieu, let me play for you some great rap. sells for about $150 among funk and freestyle music collectors. This was released after the seminal hip hop group Grandmaster Flash.

including the threat of a lawsuit from funk group the Sequence, who argued Mars and Ronson’s single copied their 1979 song “Funk You Up.” However, the Sequence never formally sued Mars and Ronson. In.

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A South Auckland hip-hop group has won its way on to the soundtrack. The track features in a sequence in the film that is set in Samoa – fitting given the stellar line-up of additional New.

A group called the Sequence charged that "Uptown Funk" copies their ’79 hit "Funk You Up," but never took legal action.

Angie Stone is also not too. Stone was a member of the female rap trio The Sequence during hip-hop’s inception. They were signed Sugar Hill Records in the late 70s, early 80s, their biggest hit.

Philadelphia’s DJ Too Tuff impressed the hip-hop world with his lightning-fast scratches for Tuff Crew, most famously on their 1988 hit “My Part Of Town.” When the group. Sequence. That’s how I was.

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