About Earn To Die 2 Exodus

Earn to Die 2 – Exodus is the most current rendition of the game. This game was launched in 2015 and has a versatile form.The game picks off from the main Earn to Die. The zombie-end of the world survivor has effectively made it to the helicopter and has apparently gotten away from the crowds of the undead. Be that as it may, the zombies are more steady than they appear.

Game Controls

As usual, controls for all Cars are the same all through the game paying little mind to what car you're utilizing.

Up key moves the Cars Forward. Down key moves it Back. Left key tilts it Up and Right key tilts it Down.

X key gives it a help of speed however just when you get the speed support redesign (which you certainly ought to).

Game Play

The Cars : Like the first game you begin with a car, the weakest of the 3, and this time it's the muscle car. The force of this car is generally as solid as the force of the pickup, the second car in the past arrangement. As usual, simply continue moving and running over zombies and deterrents. Try not to stress if in the first parts of the game you're gaining little ground. The bodies will begin flying soon.


Levels Into Earn To Die 2 : New to the game is the expansion of checkpoints in the betray. These checkpoints partition the game into various levels that you need to go through and beat. This makes for an any longer game than the first Win to Kick the bucket, which basically had just a single level.

Upgradtion Of Game

As you progress, you will see it is basic to redesign your cars. This is the best way to progress keeping money and be careful. Earn to Die 2 game is not for you, if you don't want spend, spend and spend. Get those moves up to control your auto ASAP.Of extremely huge note is the fuel, speed boost, transmission, and motor updates.

These redesigns will give you the best yield and have your auto venture to every part of the farthest separation. Be that as it may, as you get every one of the redesigns for the auto, you'll see one inescapable certainty. Regardless of the amount you update it, even to it's maximum yield, it can just go in this way.


Purchase the better cars! Buy the humvee to get past the center levels then get the creature school transport when you have the money. As you will see, the best way to complete the game is with the school transport at last.This creature of a vehicle will eat down snags and zombies in a matter of moments.

Likewise it's boost will give you rocket-like energy to effectively move over long, tall slopes in the game. Everything alternate cars might do, this vehicle will do, just way, way better. It's the game finisher so acquiring it asap is your proriority.It's dependably been about redesigning your machines, then simply doing huge amounts of unnecessary zombie-slaughtering.

It's an extremely basic, addicting and successful equation for making an incredible computer game. So what are you sitting tight for? Time to begin running once again zombies. Appreciate playing this game!