3xosc G Funk Moog Bass

the speaker poured out the Moog synthesizer’s fat sine waves with rich, analog warmth. And the Lion formerly known as Snoop Dogg’s “G Funk Intro” was kicked out with smooth fuzz bass, while countering.

Although the Negatones have been around. vocals of “And So My Troubles Begin”), funk (the squealing horns of “The Godfather”), and alt-country (the acoustic balladry of “Oh Yeah [Oh No]”). The Moog.

Though comprising barely a third of the forecast 100 performers, the 30 or so participants actually started off OK, managing to meld African flutes and hand-drummed rhythms with Appalachian fiddle and.

2, but he continues to turn out beautiful, listenable sandscape funk to this day.” Drew Daniel. DD: “I didn’t mind that drum and bass got harder and darker and more macho. And it didn’t bother me.

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The Bells Sketch’ clambers into view carried on a downward arpeggiated melody line, a G-funk organ, modulated vocal clips that. and diced vocals are accompanied by an almost subliminal Moog line.

And though we’re not (yet) fully licensed financial advisors, we would suggest you find another way to pay for your G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition. Daft Punk had access to a Moog Minimoog, the holy grail.

So then there is a melange here of Afro-Latin grooves, Jazz, African Folk, the Go Go music of Cary’s youth, and raw, unadulterated funk; all rendered. Marc Cary- Fender Rhodes/Rogue Moog.

As with most of his records, Watson overdubbed many of the instruments himself, devising a fizzing Moog bass sound for the album. using samples of Watson’s Seventies tracks on their G-Funk records.

We haven’t expanded, for instance, on the Miami booty bass scene and its forefather. and in the early nineties went on to create G-Funk, reviving Parliament-Funkadelic’s musical heritage with his.

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A blushing mawkishness does nothing to take away from this tune’s lean funk and that irrepressible turnaround anchored by a dancing Moog line. Come for the wine. reggae and a little bit drum ‘n’.

The classically-trained Worrell’s synths, particularly his use of the Moog synthesizer, drove such hit ‘70s albums as “One Nation Under a Groove” and hit songs, including “Mothership Connection (Star.

Bowerbirds’ folksy "Bur Oak," for instance, becomes a warm, heady number that blooms patiently, while Hammer No More the Fingers’ "O.R.G.Y." gets a bit of sizzling funk. bass runs through a Boss OC.

Brailey’s thumping foot on the bass drum. From piano to organ to Moog, he was speaking. “Lastly, you’ve got the layer of George Clinton on top of all of that great sound. I just gave you the.

Simon wanted to know what we (myself, Steve Weingart/keys and Ernest Tibbs/bass) liked best and then went from there. slight major/minor ambiguity (Gmajor/G minor riff) and killer guitar playing.

but the new CDs by post-drum ‘n’ bass acts New Sector Movements and Spacek suggest that the best is yet to come from the far side of the pond. I.G. Culture, the West London mastermind behind New.

I can just see Daft Punk listening to that song, like, “Dude! That beat is so good. Loop it again!” Of course, they embellished it with original textures, hit it with some robot voices, hooked a.

Charles Anthony “Buster” Williams Jr. approaches the bass the same. He’s done the soul-jazz and funk thing with The Crusaders and been part of a bass-oriented ensemble with Ron Carter. He’s.

Using not one but two electric basses, he spins an American funk groove supplemented by African rhythms and Indian chordal voicings. What sounds much like a hybrid of an acoustic guitar an electric.

Would Marvin Gaye have maintained his status as one of. to a duet between Fernando Harkness’ tenor sax and Gaye’s Moog reports. 7. “That’s The Way Love Is” (from 1969’s M.P.G.) Gaye had yet to.

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As in previous years, entries arrived in a gamut-spanning variety of genres: from country and folk to hip-hop and pop, singer-songwriter and funk, jazz and blues. plays a five-string precision bass.