Henry Stickman Game – Full Overview of All Stages Of Game

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Henry Stickman Game – Full Overview of All Stages Of Game : Henry Stickman is the main hero of Breaking the Bank, Escaping the Prison, Stealing the Diamond, Infiltrating the Airship, and Fleeing the Complex. He is extremely unlucky yet lucky in the meantime.

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Henry is known to be extremely ungainly, which brings about his diverting failures which is the thing that a great many people adore about him, be that as it may he generally appears to get in a bad position. Being an “Unadulterated Blooded Thief” and all, it’s hard not to end up in some tight spots.

Henry Stickman Game Overview

Breaking The Bank

In his first appearance, Henry endeavors from multiple points of view to break into an apparently arbitrarily set bank amidst a betray. This is the place he starts to flaunt his notorious failures. In his trials and mistakes, he utilizes apparatuses, for example, a scoop to burrow a passage, TNT, a laser drill, a destroying ball, a teleporter, lastly a disguise. Every one of the instruments he utilizes, aside from the disguise, backfire against him, in spite of the fact that the disguise likewise drives him to his imprisonment.


At the point when Henry puts on the disguise – very a vacant money bag – he crawls into the bag, ties it from within (which later ends up being a plot point in Escaping the Prison) and lies in favor of the street. A truck from the nearby bank stops, and the drivers, Winston Davis and Ted McAdams, thinking another gathering dropped it, gather the bag and pull it to the bank, saving it in the vault. Henry then incidentally triggers an alert, and is thusly imprisoned for endeavored burglary.

Escaping The Prison

The following some portion of Henry’s story starts with him in his cell in prison, appearing to be vexed. Two guards call his consideration, one toying with him saying he was allowed to go, then snickering at him saying he was joking.


Then they give him a bundle he received, specifying that they officially checked for anything helpful. In any case, Dave, one of the security guards, had really not checked the bundle. As they leave, Henry opens the container to discover a cake that opens up and has something within it. Henry comes to down into the cake just to discover and utilize an instrument further bolstering his good fortune.

Sneaky Ending

Henry finds a document in the cake and chooses to record the cells bars to get away. He is then assaulted by both the security guard who provoked him and Dave. After he thumps out them two with the bar he recorded, two other guards leave a lift and notice him. He rapidly enters a storage room and uses a seat to ascend to the air channel. From that point, he advances up to the top of the prison. Henry sees a container that has one final apparatus for him, Plungers. He utilizes the plungers to gradually move down the prison dividers lastly keeps running off once more into the leave, free.

Lame Ending

Henry finds a PDA in the cake and calls his legal counselor, Phoenix Wright. Amid court, while the Winston Davis’ attorney insults him, Wright demonstrates the Disguising Bag to the judge, and lets him know “The bunch was tied from the outside of the bag.” Phoenix then demonstrates the Doctor’s Analysis and notices that Henry was battered, wounded, and cases he was full in there while oblivious by the witness. Phoenix then told the Judge that: “Winston was attempting to discard Henry yet he cleared out him in the bag knowing when they were driving back to the bank however when the witness and his accomplice passed the bagged he persuaded his accomplice to toss it in the bag with Henry inside with the other bags.”

The Judge then asked, “Why might Winston do that?” then Wright clarifies that, “He was attempting to arrange the body yet then Phoenix then demonstrates the security film to clarify that the witness’ casualty woke up then he thought everything was over.” Winston just shouts about what Wright said and gets captured, and Henry is discharged from the correctional facility after the Judge given his decision that Henry is Not Guilty. after 2 seconds, another defensively covered truck goes by and Henry starts to pursue it.

Badass Ending

Henry hauls out a substantial drill which he uses to drill into the floor to the room underneath him. He finds a crowbar to open a mesh in the floor to creep into the vent framework. Sadly, he tumbles from the vent into an intensely guarded territory. Two guards pursue him and shoot at him as he runs and he figures out how to escape them. At last, he is in a duel against the Prison Chief. A little gaze intently at happens lastly the chief opens fire. In a speedy satire of The Matrix, Henry avoids each shot with the exception of one, which he snatches and tosses back, part Prison Chief’s rifle down the middle. Henry then exits the prison with the “Great, The Bad, and The Ugly” theme out of sight. He then takes a cop auto, driving off into the betray. Henry later keeps that auto in his home carport alongside the blue bike.

Stealing the Diamond

As the story proceeds with, Henry sees a video cut from the news on his TV demonstrating the Mayor reporting the Tunisian Diamond display open.


The Tunisian Diamond being worth up to 12 million dollars, Henry rapidly chooses to take the diamond. He is seen swiping his keys off the table and heads his way to the Museum.

The Aggressive Ending

Henry busts through the front entryway of the exhibition hall with his Scooter. He keeps running over many guards and shields himself from the guards projectiles with a shield. He utilizes a tow link to drag the Diamond out of the historical center. While out and about, he is being pursued by the cops who endeavor to shoot him. Henry rapidly tosses a stone at the officer, Johnny, whose passing prompts to the police requesting fortifications. Before long, in a satire of Grand Theft Auto, a helicopter with a sharpshooter arrives. Henry then avoids the slugs with the air pocket shield from Sonic and departures the helicopter by going in a passage. In a deadlock because of a deficient scaffold, Henry is requested that by the police surrender. Henry, however kicks the diamond off the scaffold, clutching his bike and falls rapidly into the stream beneath, escaping the cops projectile. He stirs in a bog by his diamond and commends his prosperity with a move.

The Epic Ending

Henry sneaks in from the side of the exhibition hall, utilizing a pickaxe to gradually separate the divider. In a reference to Minecraft, a Creeper apparition assaults Henry from behind, busting down the divider. Henry gets up and sees two guards, one being Dave, the guard in charge of Henry’s prison escape. As Dave recounts his account of neglecting to check Henry’s bundle to another irritated guard, Henry thumps out the other guard with a little Nazi plane model. As Dave keeps running for help, he collides with a divider, thumping himself out. Henry sneaks past a napping guard into another room where he utilizes a Mario Brothers Mushroom to develop.

He then strolls into the Diamond display, taking the diamond. Be that as it may, he contracts after he is shot with a gun. Heaps of disorder breaks out and soon the Center for Chaos Containment pays heed to this. They send a mammoth robot to decimate the historical center. Knowing he would in all amazing, makes a keep running for it, leaving the diamond. He then is seen fleeing in moderate movement as the robot keeps on annihilating the exhibition hall. A little while later, Henry is out and about, breathing vigorously when all of a sudden the Diamond lands close to him. He remains over it, in achievement.

The Undetected Ending

Henry chooses his most ideal method for entering is sneaking in. He utilizes a teleporter to transport himself from the exhibition hall’s side, to the rooftop. (This is the main time the Teleporter works, and does not bring about a FAIL) There, he sees a guard on watch and uses a penny to occupy him. As the guard turns away to get the penny, Henry rapidly dashes through the entryway behind the guard. Presently on a catwalk over the diamond, Henry lets himself down to the diamond with a wire. Then he continues by crushing the glass encompassing the diamond with a sledge, which plays out shockingly unobtrusively.

At last, Henry, now with the diamond in his ownership, utilizes a board to dispatch himself close to a leave, still unnoticed by the guards. When he leaves, he drops the diamond on top of the last guard outside. When he does this, he effectively escapes undetected.

Powers of Henry Stickman

Despite the fact that Henry is a human, he has some extraordinary forces. In Breaking the Bank, Henry gets married from within bag, which is impractical. In Escaping the Prison, he grabs an AK-47 shot and dispatches it to other side, part an officer’s rifle into two pieces. He can utilize Zero-point vitality and furthermore has loads of availability to many sorts of innovation. He has an enchantment pencil which changes over anything he draws into genuine questions and is fit for earth bending and metal bending. He additionally utilizes numerous “Contraption Gabe” innovation, which are extremely cutting-edge, for example, teleporters, opacitators, liquidizers and multidimensional.


In spite of the fact that Henry is a human, he has some heavenly forces. In Breaking the Bank, Henry gets married from within bag, which is unrealistic. In Escaping the Prison, he grabs an AK-47 projectile and dispatches it to other side, part an officer’s rifle into two pieces. He can utilize Zero-point vitality and furthermore has loads of openness to many sorts of innovation. He has an enchantment pencil which changes over anything he draws into genuine protests and is equipped for earth bending and metal bending.

He additionally utilizes numerous “Contraption Gabe” innovation, which are exceptionally best in class, for example, teleporters, opacitators, liquidizers and multi dimensional.Henry is an extremely lucky, additionally an unlucky individual. Some of the time he is idiotic and neglectful, which makes him fall flat, similar to when he takes the emptied firearm from historical center display and assaults the police. He is likewise extremely aggressive in battling. He frequently supposes he is epic and acts like a manager, yet that as a rule prompts to fall flat in view of something he ignores. He is most likely fixated on money, since he generally tries to take it at whatever point he gets a shot.

That more often than not drives him to prison. He has been in prison commonly and he has a cellphone loaded with lawyers. When he tries to loot the bank or take something, it frequently makes enormous confusion so CCC needs to understand it. Henry regularly utilizes his teleporter gadget. He generally falls flat with it (just exemption was the point at which he attempted to take the diamond, when he gets transported to the top of gallery which advanced simpler. Other forces he is seen utilizing incorporate enchantment and bending capacities (metal bending in Infiltrating the Airship and earth bending in Fleeing the Complex).

Henry can likewise be a useful individual, depending on the player’s decision. Henry can free Dave from Toppats’ bondage, a guard who is unexpectedly, liable for his prison episode. He can likewise help his cellmate Ellie in the complex.

Henry additionally doesn’t appear to talk much, and act rather than talk.


Henry lives in his private house. He is not extremely rich, despite the fact that he generally takes something. He has a blue cruiser in his carport, and a squad car which he stole from police subsequent to escaping the prison, as observed in Infiltrating the Airship. He has a PC in his room. There is likewise Welcome cover before his entryway. There are a few shrubberies and grass before his home. He lives alone. It’s obscure in the event that he has any relatives and it’s obscure if his folks are still alive.

We will also doing our best on Fleeing The Complex Guide to make public as soon as possible, we will love to share that guide on fleeing the complex too. Stay tuned to more updates!!

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